Goodpatch is an independent design company with 200 employees spread across studios in Tokyo, Berlin and Munich. We collaborate with a network of global partners to solve complex problems with a human-centered approach. With design-driven co-creation methods we work together with corporate teams and specialists to build digital products and services of all shapes and sizes.

What are you offering?

Our offering includes co-creation workshops, user research, design strategy, UX/UI design and the development of apps and immersive AR/VR experiences. We support teams from ideation to implementation and lead them through the design process. We iterate quickly allowing teams to make fast decisions early in in their process based on validated user insights.

For which target group do you mainly produce?

We work with both large companies and startups who want to bring their B2C and B2B digital offerings to the next level. We have experience building digital products and XR experiences for clients in the automotive industry, in fintech and insurtech as well as in the digital healthcare field. Any product that has touchpoints with a human is where we come into play.

Which customers already trust you?

Insurtech & Fintech: R+V Insurance, Deutsche Börse
Mobility & Automotive: HERE, Renault Nissan, Toyota, Emmy,
Media and Lifestyle: Thalia, mitte, Tado, Zenjob
Digital Healthcare: Careship, Mimi, Lykon
Consultancies: NTT Data