As one of the AI pioneers in Germany, this is something we strongly believe. Our vision is that “no one must ever make wrong decisions again” and our new mission is derived from this vision: “utilize all information to provide the right recommendations”.
To do so, Empolis systems analyze terabytes of data in milliseconds so that users can always make the right decisions or digital assistants support you with them. They help us provide the right information to the right person to the right device at the right time in any given context according to our motto: DECIDE. RIGHT. NOW.

What are you offering?

Our software represents comprehensive creation, management, analysis, intelligent processing and provision of all relevant information needed for business processes, regardless of source, format, user, location or device. ontent created and managed in a component content management system are uniquely combined with mined and generated knowledge about products, customers, their profiles, suppliers, and much, much more, in a knowledge management system, to deliver intelligent, smart information and unparalleled added value. Decision-makers, employees and customers reliably receive precise and relevant information, situation-appropriate and task-relevant. In addition to the traditional model of on-premise software licenses, we also provide Software as a Service (SaaS) for the full range of Empolis solutions.
Empolis utilizes innovative artificial intelligence technologies to enable our customers to provide new services in the area of big data analytics or to evaluate or adapt new business models.
Our solutions and technologies, such as big data, case-based reasoning, cloud computing, component content management, decision trees, in-memory computing, semantic search, as well as text mining and linguistics, have been proven and extend above and beyond the newest technological process standards.
This know-how is backed up by numerous awards.

For which target group do you mainly produce?

With our Empolis Service Express products, we address all company sizes, from medium-sized companies to multinational corporations. We have a particularly strong presence in the mechanical and plant engineering and manufacturing industries. In general, our products are of interest wherever customer service, both on-site and remote, plays an important role.

Which customers already trust you?

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