Magic Horizons

Magic Horizons is a global, holistic platform for stress reduction, relaxation and mental health promotion with Virtual Reality – for patient calming, stress reduction at work, relaxation and sustainable mental regeneration.

What are you offering?

The challenge is to stop the “mental hamster wheel” (mental overload, too much information, worry and stress). The increasing flood of information that affects us causes mental overload and stress. In addition, there are worries in everyday life, at work and due to Covid-19, which leads to massively increasing health care costs (7.8 billion USD in Germany p.a., source: German health insurance companies).
The strong stress reduction of our solution also helps to calm patients and thus to feel less stress. In case of unpleasant treatments, in hospitals, during medical interventions, at dentists. We offer a holistic international solution, based on scientific research and a study of the Humboldt University of Berlin for Magic Horizons. The results of our work are deep states of relaxation at the push of a button.

For which target group do you mainly produce?

We offer our solution in the B2B area for the following customer groups:
– Clinics, Hospitals
– Dentists
– Care facilities
– Therapeuten
– Hospitality area like hotels & SPA’s
– Human Resources Departments
– Telecommunication companies

Which customers already trust you?

Telekom Germany
Orange France & Spain
BBK-VBU health insurance
CIC Clinics
Munich Airport
Goethe Institut Hongkong