diginetmedia is an innovative provider and producer of 360° content. Since 2000, we have been a household name worldwide when it comes to exciting virtual 360° projects, whether in the hotel, tourism, education or care sectors.

What are you offering?

Virtual 360° tours as well as 360° videos to present, inform, advise, sell, entertain, recruit and above all to inspire.

For which target group do you mainly produce?

Users of our 360° panorama tours and 360° videos can be found in the hotel and tourism industry. The extensive VR applications of destinations and cruise ships are also used in travel agencies, among others. Furthermore, 360° videos are used in the education sector for career orientation and 360° worlds of experience in the senior citizens and care sector.

Which customers already trust you?

– In the hotel and tourism sector, meanwhile approx. 700 customers from 40 countries. In the cruise sector, diginetmedia is the largest VR provider in Europe, with eight shipping companies presenting themselves. More than 10,000 travel agencies use VR from diginetmedia and the travel agency portal for sales. In old people’s and nursing homes, it is made possible for older people to travel virtually and go to different places, a welcome change especially during the corona pandemic. Virtual reality of job profiles is used intensively by schools and educational institutions, among others.