3D Instagraph

3D Instagraph develops and distributes 3D scanner systems developed in-house. Using photogrammetry and depth sensors, all body measurements are output in addition to the photorealistic avatars.

What are you offering?

Photorealistic avatars – fast and reliable
Our 3D Instagraph scans people in seconds. Avatars are created and rigged in minutes. In addition, all body measurements are recorded by depth sensors.
Thus, the avatars can not only be used in the games industry, but also in fashion, health and fitness.

The avatars can also be animated using motion capture technology or even made available for live presentations.

In combination with our cloud platform, both end users and business partners can share data for various uses and offer the user a comprehensive service.

For which target group do you mainly produce?

Our users are companies from various sectors. Our scanner technology offers a great advantage especially for companies in the gaming, fitness, health and fashion industries.

Which customers already trust you?

Our scanners and created avatars are already used in various games. Our avatars are already used in PES by KONAMI, the FC Bayern VR Experience and are very popular with the users. We are also in close cooperation with major fashion brands to improve their scanner for the possibility of virtual fitting and adapt it to their needs.